Sample Online Art History Course Material








Course content is delivered though a variety of means, depending on the class.

Many of my classes use a traditional textbook, coupled with my recorded lectures about the art.


Note:  The lectures are Flash-based and may not work on some mobile devices. The lectures are best viewed in Google Chrome.

My classes also incorporate many high quality Internet resources that supplement the core concepts and facilitate understanding.




I use a variety of assessments in my courses:bernini

  • Essays. Most courses contain six essays. The essays require students to visit one or more interactive websites. Students then write about a specific aspect of the art from the websites, applying concepts from the course. Students post their essays and responses to classmates’ essays on a discussion board.  See Sample Questions.
  • Quizzes. After each learning module, students take a quiz to confirm progress with the material.
  • Museum Paper. Each course requires a Museum Paper. Students view a piece of art in a museum or visit a work of architecture. Students then write about that artwork, using the art historical language and concepts presented in the course.  See Museum Paper Instructions.
  • Exams. Some courses have exams delivered in either multiple choice or comparative essay formats. These tests can include identification of images and questions designed to evaluate the student’s understanding of the material.



Rebecca graduated with an AB from Brown University magna cum laude and with honors, received an M.A. from The University of Chicago and completed Ph.D. coursework at Northwestern University.

Rebecca has been teaching art history at the college level since 2000 and began teaching online art history in 2006.

In addition to teaching art history, Rebecca conducted art historical research and assisted curators for two years in the Department of European Painting and Sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago. Rebecca worked on such exhibitions as Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Studio of the South.

Rebecca enjoys traveling to foreign destinations and lingering in art museums, but most of her spare time is spent with her family.